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"Normally I don't rave, but this is an author who presents her book in a very interactive, creative and appropriate way-a great way to bring a book to life." director of Little Missionary Nursery, New York city


Preschoolers love the musical story-telling and dancing! With Butterfly Blue, Kathy’s guitar, as accompaniment, and a fun-loving puppet, named Corn-Doggy children also enjoy hands-on instrument making


The Bourbon Street Musicians, a New York Times reviewed picture book is child participatory and finger snapping fun. With Kathy’s guitar, as accompaniment, the bayou becomes alive, and the children enter a world of jazz, heritage, and poetry.
Kathy combines storytelling with sharing the essentials of bring a book to life and excites young writers with their own potential.

Middle and High School

Kathy shares how a picture book is created from A-Z, and welcomes a lively question, answer and comment period from the children. Her PowerPoint presentation draws from personal experience and shares lively anecdotes that really gets young adults excited about reading and writing.