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Fun-Facts About Kathy!

Learn about Kathy in her own words!

  • I was published in a newspaper before I turned ten years old.
  • I never notice I am left-handed until someone says "You're left-handed!"
  • Even though I am second oldest, my brothers and sister are all taller than me.
  • Reading,writing and music keeps my brain super happy.
  • Once, a horse ran away with me, and I have not ridden one since!
  • I was a paid summer teen journalist and spent my entire salary on French fries!
  • San Francisco rules!
  • I still cannot believe my middle name starts with a Z.
  • A friend turned my poetry upside down-I liked it better that way!
  • I have not met you yet-and I can't wait!
  • We never can never have too many pleases and thank yous.
  • Thank you for visiting me!